Taking more flak

Talking of flak, shrapnel, war wounds and the like. The latest fashion fad in the Caucasus for the dogs of the Russian Federation is – you guessed it – fancy flak jackets poodle style,

"Dogs in Chechnya neutralised land mines and other explosive devices which are not seen by mine detectors. And that is why sapper dogs were at the top of snipers’ target list when I served in the North Caucasus," says Yury Kyonov, head of Leningrad military command’s press service. Flak jackets, costing from $US 100 to $US 450, vary in their weight, defensive capabilities and purposes. The one that can protect against Kalashnikov assault rifle weighs more than 3 kilos. "The level of flak jacket’s protection, as in the case with a human jacket, depends on special demands and conditions of the dog’s job," explains production director Elena Arutyunova. link