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May 13, 2009

#Winnenden and Twitter: German media’s conversation of a shooting

  "Kein zweiter Hudson-River-Tweet" (Stefan Winterbauer, "Not a second Hudson River tweet" Two months have past since Germany was stunned by a killing spree in which 15 people died in Winnenden, just north of Stuttgart. At about 0930 on March 11 a former pupil of the Albertville Secondary School walked into the school and […]

May 12, 2009

More on the role of social media in Moldova

A few weeks ago, I was part of an interesting debate about the role of Twitter in a protest against the Communist Party’s election in Moldova. I’d like to say that I think it has been a valuable exchange of ideas conducted in excellent order. I particularly want to thank all the people who commented […]

March 24, 2009

NATO must ‘plug in’ to the global conversation

A military officer assigned to NATO says the organisation needs to engage with the new media landscape. In a guest post for Mountain Runner, Tom Brouns argues that NATO’s relevance on the Internet will play an increasingly important role in the extent of success or failure in Afghanistan. He notes that according to some observers […]

March 3, 2009

Counterinsurgency and new media

The Small Wars Journal has put together a collection of thoughts on the impact of new media on the way the US military has fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. Well worth bookmarking, reading, and re-reading. I was going to pick out a ‘best of’, but I was struggling. It’s all very interesting. It includes thoughts […]

March 2, 2009

(Not) contacting the IDF through social media

In my post about the Israeli Defence Force and their use of social media during the Gaza conflict, I said I was trying to chase up the IDF for a comment or response to it. I, for one, would be interested to hear their take on it. Several emails have met with no response, so […]

February 25, 2009

How the IDF fell off the social media bandwagon

I’ve been thinking for a while about how the Israeli Defence Force used social media during the conflict in Gaza and I’m not at all convinced the campaign was successful. Yes, the IDF was right to engage with the Internet and social media. But the way they went about it was questionable. I have two […]

February 19, 2008

Public or Private?

Social networking sites like Facebook and Bebo are awash with video and pictures uploaded by the general public. News organisations are grappling with what they can and can’t use from the sites, but there is no agreed standard and recent months have seen them make a litany of mistakes. In January, Steve Herrmann, Editor of […]

January 20, 2008

A new kind of foreign coverage?

A year ago the Boston Globe newspaper closed its last three foreign bureaux. The closures followed the axing of four foreign correspondents from the Daily Telegraph in September 2006. Writing in the Washington Post, Pamela Constable  summed up the misery: “Between 2002 and 2006, the number of foreign-based newspaper correspondents shrank from 188 to 141… […]

June 25, 2007

Watch this MySpace

The message “So and so has added you as a friend on Facebook” is about as common as offers for Viagra in email inboxes nowadays. Until September last year Facebook was restricted to people with .edu email addresses but they have grown spectacularly since opening their doors to everyone and are certainly the talk of […]

June 1, 2007

Inside Out – June 07

How about this for a stunning statistic? In February, more than a third (37%) of US internet users visited When Rupert Murdoch -that mogul of moguls of old media – purchased MySpace in 2003 for $580 million he grabbed a sizzling hot property in the new media world. MySpace and its ambitious rival, […]

January 30, 2007

Web 2.0 meaning?

Web 2.0 was a phrase coined in 2004 by Dale Dougherty and Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media, a publishing and conference firm, to describe second generation internet services The phrase has made the authors a lot of coin too through their annual Web 2.0 conference for the Silicon Valley aristocracy and glitterati. But what does […]