(Not) contacting the IDF through social media

In my post about the Israeli Defence Force and their use of social media during the Gaza conflict, I said I was trying to chase up the IDF for a comment or response to it. I, for one, would be interested to hear their take on it.

Several emails have met with no response, so last week I thought I’d put the IDF’s commitment to  Twitter to the test:

"@IDFspokesperson @IDFwebsite @israelconsulate I’d love a comment on my article on the IDF and social media. Can you help? http://is.gd/l4Y0"

@Israelconsulate is the Twitter feed of the Israeli consulate in New York. I threw it in my tweet because they seemed to be far more active on Twitter than the IDF. And they did helpfully furnish me with several replies via Twitter and read my piece.

They also said they would try to get me something and would pass on my enquiries. Though they reasonably pointed out that it is not really their area and it would be up to the IDF to respond.

Unfortunately, it seems the IDF is not as adept at using Twitter as their counterparts in the Israeli consulate and I’ve still not heard anything from them.

But I’ll keep on waiting…