Blogging and Beyond


The Trainer says…“It can be a bit bewildering to know how and where to begin in online publishing. This course will plunge you straight into the deep end of the social media world. You’ll quickly learn that you don’t need to be an IT consultant to set up a blog and build a mini social media empire. By the end of the day you’ll have a thorough understanding of how ten of the most popular social media tools work and how you can knit them all together in a blog”.    

Blogging and Beyond is an introduction to social media- explaining what it is, why it’s important and how to join the ‘global conversation’. On this very practical course you will get to know a variety of social media tools and learn how they can be used in your work. You will learn what RSS is and how to use it, how to create and publish your own blog and use social bookmarks as research tools.

Other areas covered in the course include
* Find interesting blogs using the custom search engines
* Monitor who’s reading your blog the easy way
* How photosharing enhances the written word
* Videosharing- uploading and embedding footage into a blog
* Social networking
* Why is microblogging important?

Duration: 1 day
Who it’s for: Journalists, Editors and Curious enthusiasts
Aims: To provide an understanding of Social Media and its impact on journalism, as well as working knowledge of the tools available
Trainer: Daniel Bennett

A previous participant says….“Bloody fantastic course- my brain was hurting at the end! If there are going to be other courses later in the year, I’ll be recommending them to others,” -Jem Thomas, Defence Media Operations Centre, Media Training School