Shorts at the Frontline Club

Talk Friday 16 January 2015, 7:00PM

Join us for an evening of short documentaries from different parts of the world, covering a wide range of topics. Shorts at the Frontline Club showcases moving, striking and funny films, exploring the diverse faces of documentary filmmaking.

The evening will include short stories capturing the essence of big issues, films showing life in other parts of the world under difficult or extraordinary circumstances, and stories focusing on remarkable individuals.

The total runtime of the evening is 93 minutes.

January 2015 selection:


  • Chappin' THUMB


    Liam McLaughlan is a 17-year-old schoolboy from Glasgow’s Easterhouse Estate.  A passionate voice within the Scottish Radical Independence Campaign, he engaged with activists and seasoned politicians to push for support to his neglected community. Liam’s political campaigning is deeply personal, and Igor Slepov’s portrayal of a young man’s determination to aid his Glasgow neighbourhood offers a reflection on the individual stories that comprised Scotland’s independence debate.

    Directed by Igor Slepov | Duration: 10′ | Year: 2014

  • Central Station Sofia SHORT

    Central Station Sofia

    Alberto Iordanov introduces us to the surreal world of Central Station Sofia. It is a mosaic film that combines fragments from the lives of those who are a part of the biggest railway station in the Balkans. Central Station Sofia was built during the peak of socialism and it has been the symbol of the opening of Bulgaria to the world, yet its abandoned air reflects the current economic instability in the country.

    Directed by Alberto Iordanov | Duration: 14′ | Year: 2013

  • Syria's Second Front THUMB

    Syria’s Second Front

    From PBS and Clover Films: FRONTLINE makes a dangerous trip to the battlefields of Syria, gaining exclusive access to rebel forces as they try to unify against extremist Islamic factions that have thwarted the fight against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. With international peace efforts foundering and Western news organisations unable to safely report inside the country, journalist Muhammad Ali crosses into Syria to travel with moderate rebel commanders and fighters as they launch what they are calling “The Second Revolution,” this time against jihadis from the Al Qaeda-linked group known as ISIS.

    Directed by Muhammad Ali | Duration: 22′ | Year: 2014

  • Godka Cirka THUMB

    Godka Cirka (A Hole in the Sky)

    A Hole in the Sky that takes place in Beerato, a wind-swept village in Somaliland, an unrecognised self-declared de facto sovereign state, recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia. Alex Lora’s film focuses on three generations of female shepherdesses; the struggles of their daily lives as they deal with analphabetism, shortage of water, and their attempt to end to the ancient practice of Female Genital Cutting.

    Directed by Alex Lora | Duration: 10′ | Year: 2012

  • Orchard Keepers THUMB

    The Orchard Keepers

    Against the backdrop of political upheaval, islands of green float in the rugged Sinai desert; two Bedouin embark on a daily journey to keep their orchards alive.  During a time of volatility, filmmaker Bryony Dunne discovers the orchards and the timeless stability they offer.  

    Directed by Bryony Dunne | Duration: 28′ | Year: 2014