FULLY BOOKED Screening: Afghan Army Girls

Screening April 23, 2012 7:00 PM

For the first time in post-Taliban Afghanistan the national army is recruiting women, but only very few have stepped forward for training. In Afghan Army Girls, photojournalist and first-time director Lalage Snow reveals the difficulties, threats and personal changes these women go through as well as the complicated status they have in Afghan society.

In a time international troops are pulling out, leaving Afghanistan in charge of its own security, these women are breaking social boundaries. Some did not tell their families about their choice to join the army and the Taliban has put a price on the heads of the new cadettes.

Afghan Army Girls shows life on a military base isolated from the outside world, but also follows some women on their visits back home to their families. It gives a unique insight into the lives of a young generation that wants to contribute to the future of Afghanistan in unlikely circumstances.