Russian TV journalist Abdulla Alishayev shot dead

Abdulla Alishayev, a journalist from the republic of Daghestan died today after being attacked by gunmen on Tuesday. Alishayev worked as the anchor to a popular religious programme Peace to Your Home.
He was attacked in his car in the village of Separatorny near Daghestan’s capital, Makhachkala. An official said he died in hospital.
Earlier this week Magomed Yevloyev was killed in the North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia when a police officer shot him in a car on Sunday.

“Russia now ranks as the third-most-dangerous place in the world to be a journalist, behind only Iraq and Colombia. Reporters Without Borders has counted 21 journalists murdered in Russia since 2000, including Anna Politkovskaya, the country’s most courageous investigative journalist, in October 2006.” link

UPDATE: Reuters are reporting the name of the journalist is Abdulla Alishayev and not Telman Alishayev as reported by RIA Novosti and originally blogged here. Now changed to Reuters.

“Alishayev received wounds to the shoulder and head. He was operated on, but his life could not be saved,” police said. link