No cameras, no foreigners

On the back of yet another foreign journalist deportation from Burma – the BBCs Paul Danahar was deported on 11 May following Andrew Harding’s short trip to Rangoon last week – IPS reports that cameras and foreigners are banned from the country that was devastated by Cyclone Nargis on May 2,

This week, a senior junta official issued another command to extend the blanket of censorship that has been thrown over the devastated terrain. Prime Minister Gen. Thein Shien [sic] told a meeting of pro-junta businessmen that ‘’no foreigners’’ and ‘’no cameras’’ would be permitted in the delta, in south-western Burma, according to an informed source.
The order from that meeting, held at the Rangoon military command headquarters, comes in the wake of the junta denying visas to foreign journalists to enter the country and its enforcing tougher restrictions on the cyclone coverage by local Burmese news magazines. link