Narco wars season starts this week

The Frontline Club starts the Narco Wars season on the War on Drugs on June 23rd. The season is packed with films, discussions and events focussed on the topic of drugs from Colombia to Afghanistan and into South East Asia. Here’s what’s coming up,

June 23 – Photojournalist Jason P. Howe talks drugs in Colombia

June 24 – Panel discussion about the impact of the Narco Wars in Mexico and around the world

June 25 – Screening – Dancing with the Devil by Jon Blair in Rio de Janeiro

June 30 – Colombia’s parapolitica

July 3 – Screening – Mexico – Seven days in hell – Alex Nott and Siobhan Sinnerton

July 8 – Narco Wars: Afghanistan

July 15 – Narco Wars: Can the war be won?

If the Narco Wars season is anything as good as the short promo film above, put together by Leona Chaliha at the Frontline Club, this looks like a great month of drug discussion and films. Book your tickes early.