Michael Holmes on shooting journalists

CNN correspondent Michael Holmes reflects on a week in which an alarming number of journalists have been either killed, injured and/or targetted in Georgia. Michael wasn’t stuck in a car in Georgia like the Turkish reporters he empathises with, but he’s experienced a imilar situation in Iraq,

On January 27, 2004, our two-car convoy was returning to Baghdad from an assignment in Hillah, in the south of the country. I was in the front vehicle, right rear seat, talking to my cameraman Scotty McWhinnie seated next to me, when we heard a thud and a whistle and saw a hole appear in the windshield.
A bullet had just traveled through the rear, between our heads, and out the front of the car. Our two vehicles were under attack, at high speed, by two other vehicles.
We both swung our heads around and saw several things at once. First, our second vehicle, containing driver and friend Yasser Khatab and my translator Duraid Issa Mohammad, swerving off the road, the windshield red with their blood. They’d been hit by the second attack vehicle. As we later learned, they were already dead. link