Screening: Mass E Bhat + Q&A

Screening Monday 13 October 2014, 7:00 PM

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with directors Hannan Majid and Richard York.


Among the world’s poorest countries, Bangladesh is also rapidly developing. Mass migration from villages results in densely populated slums and crowded factories. Across the country, 7.9 million children work every day to support themselves and their families, forced to grow up at an incredibly early age.

Filmmakers Hannan Majid and Richard York follow 20 year old Nasir who moved from a rural village to the city. As a child he worked in rubbish dumps and sweatshops, before eventually realising his dream of getting an education. Today, he tries to convince children of Dhaka’s Korrai slum to enrol in school for a better future. Mass E Bhat is a portrait of a developing nation through the eyes of its children.

Directed by Hannan Majid and Richard York
Duration: 72′
Year: 2014