Mascot prompts YouTube frenzy

Dr. Simi is the mascot for chain of discount pharmacist shops here in Mexico, but he’s a lot more than that. Based roughly on the founder of Farmacias Similares founder Victor Gonzales, the marketing strategy has developed a cult following.
[video:youtube:3AKOoClbdVQ] People dressed in Dr Simi costumes dance outside the highstreet pharmacies. He’s an easy target and the temptation proves too much for some. A search on YouTube reveals a myriad of films capturing people knocking over Dr. Simi and then running away. Here are just a few:
[video:youtube:4C1fwGmz6sk] [video:youtube:gdm3M5fqEb0] [video:youtube:Vm4xAAomQq0] [video:youtube:nxlnptq1mMU]