Lucha Libre comes to London

It’s a regular Tuesday night at the Lucha Libre in downtown Mexico City’s Arena Coliseo
For those of my readers in London, this is for you.
If you’ve enjoyed the coverage you’ve seen here on the Lucha Libre over the last year, now’s your chance to see the real thing in the flesh because the Lucha Libre is coming to London this weekend, and this weekend only!

Lucha Libre London presents sixteen of the best of the best of Mexico’s luchadores including El Hijo del Santo (the greatest living luchador and son of the all time great El Santo), Blue Demon Jnr (the man in the blue mask), Ramses (fighting star of Jack Black’s Nacho Libre) in a full-on struggle for the soul of Mexico.

It might be too late to buy tickets, but if you can get hold of them I can’t recommend the gig enough and would be curious to here from anyone who goes how the fights go down with the audience.
Check out the details here on the Roundhouse web site.
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