Lola Almudevar killed in car crash

BBC video journalist Lola Almudevar and four others have died and four others have died in a pileup in Bolivia, which took place en route to the city of Sucre in the early hours of Sunday. Eduardo García Gil, a Spanish reporter with Reuters, was also said to have been injured in the accident. link via Greenslade.

Jim Shultz at the Democracy Center has a memoriam to Lola,

At about three am Sunday morning, one of the best young foreign journalists I have met here paid the ultimate price. Lola Almudevar, 29, a correspondent for BBC radio, the San Francisco Chronicle, and other news organizations, was killed in a head-on collision en route from La Paz to Sucre to cover the political explosions underway at the Constituent Assembly. With her in the car was another talented young foreign correspondent, Eduardo Garcia, a 31-year-old Spaniard who covers Bolivia for Reuters. As I write, he is in critical condition and in surgery in a La Paz hospital. Two Bolivian occupants of the car, and two occupants of the truck they collided with are also dead. link