Live tonight – Is it too late for the local papers?


You can now watch the event here. 

We’ll be discussing the fate of the regional press at the Frontline Club tonight. Taking part will be Roy Greenslade, Commentator and Columnist, Jon Slattery, Freelance journalist, William Yarker, Director in Deloitte’s Media Consulting Practice and others. We get started at 7pm GMT /11am PST. If you can’t make it to the club in person, you can join in on the Frontline Club live channel. We’ll also be streaming the discussion on the Events page and in the video pane above,

Following in the footsteps of GMG and The Manchester Evening news the Daily Mail group cut 1000 jobs from their regional arm this week. Could regional news soon be a thing of the past or can the industry find ways to survive?

In a recent House of Commons debate on the issue Culture minister Barbara Follett said the government would “work tirelessly to secure news for local communities” but is this even within the government’s capabilities?

Is there a long term future for the regional press? Can it weather the storm and how important is it that it does so? Is the current crisis an indication that it’s time to find new models to guarantee its survival? link