Leroy Sievers dies age 53

Leroy Sievers, who worked as an embedded journalist in Iraq with Ted Koppel, has died of colon cancer age 53. Sievers covered a lot of war in his time; including Desert Storm, Rwanda, Somalia, Kosovo, El Salvador and Nicaragua. He worked for ABC News and CBS,

Sievers began writing about [his experience with cancer] experience in 2001. Since then, he shared his open thoughts about the terrible daily fight with the deadly disease. “That day” is the day the doctor tells you, ‘You have cancer.’ Every one of us knows someone who’s had to face that news. It’s scary, it’s sad. But it’s still life, and it’s a life worth living. ‘My cancer’ is a daily account of my life and my fight with cancer,” Leroy wrote on his blog. link