John Sweeney is stupid

The Venezualan President said it, so it must be true. Following the mauling he gave the Mormons, John Sweeney finds himself on the receiving end in the oil rich home of Hugo Chávez,

During his weekly TV program “Aló presidente” of Sunday, September 16, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez lost his cool when a BBC journalist, John Sweeney, asked him the following question: “Why are you spending Venezuela’s oil money outside of Venezuela instead of here?”
Chávez, who is trying to eliminate freedom of the press in Venezuela, just like his Cuban mentor did in Cuba 49 years ago, was visibly upset. “That is a stupid question. I cannot answer a stupid question because whoever tries to answer a stupid question would sound stupid,” said the Venezuelan dictator.
Chávez went on to tell Sweeney that only “someone stupid would ask such a stupid question.” link

That’s a lot of stupid.