October 23, 2008

The places we live

Jonas Bendiksen publishes the latest Magnum in Motion project today. Called The places we live, the project focusses on people who live in four slums across the world; from Caracas to the large Kibera slum in Nairobi, the Dharavi slum in the suburbs of Mumbai and the Indonesian capital Jakarta. He talks about the project […]

September 4, 2008

Marcus Bleadale in Georgia and beyond

Marcus Bleasdale is a bit of a regular in these parts and it seems the Oslo-based photojournalist has been busy of late. The above frame is taken from a recent commission in Georgia. Beyond all out war, Marcus has also visited Venezuala and the USA. There are some great pictures (as usual) in all these […]

September 24, 2007

John Sweeney is stupid

The Venezualan President said it, so it must be true. Following the mauling he gave the Mormons, John Sweeney finds himself on the receiving end in the oil rich home of Hugo Chávez, During his weekly TV program “Aló presidente” of Sunday, September 16, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez lost his cool when a BBC journalist, […]