Interview techniques for Documentary Saturday course


Politicians and Industry leaders are these days usually well briefed by their PR teams and by specialised behavioural courses in how to conduct an interview with the media. Most audio media journalists working in this area also have learned how prepare and conduct an interview to illicit clear and specific answers to questions of public interest. It can be a cat and mouse game – a testing of egos and reputations which can sometimes betray the primary role of the interviewer/interviewee relationship.

This course will look at the ways that on-camera interviews can be conducted not only in high profile situations as mentioned above but in cases where both interviewer and interviewee have little experience.

Course Leader:

Mike Dodds has worked behind the camera with a great number of interviewers in documentary and current affairs programmes: John Pilger, David Frost and Mike Wallace to name a few.


Saturday 30th July 10am-6pm