Inside Sudan

Have been catching up on my Sudan reading recently for a big Darfur project. Found quite a few books I bought when I first arrived in Nairobi and abandoned after a couple of chapters. Some of them are much more interesting once you recognise the names and already have a bit of a handle on what’s been happening in Khartoum. One of those is by Don Petterson, who was US ambassador there from 1991-1995. I particularly enjoyed his chapter headings:

  • 1. Assignment Sudan: First The Ending…
  • 5. The Troubles Begin
  • 7. Hanging In
  • 9. From Bad to Worse
  • 13. A Spring of Little Promise
  • 14. No Peace in Our Time
  • 16. More Events in Khartoum and Elsewhere
  • 18. New Year, Same Old Problems

A glass half full kind of chap?