IDF soldier blogs from the front line

A blogging American-Israeli combat soldier has been deployed to the West Bank. According to his blog, 25 year old Danny Brothers has finished his training with the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and is serving in "al-Madina al-Muqaddasah" – a pseudonym for the city where he is stationed.

In recent posts, Brothers describes his first foot and vehicle-mounted patrols. In the latter, he disperses "seven or eight teenage boys" throwing rocks by running towards them and reflects on becoming part of the "cliché" of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Interestingly, Brothers also feels it is necessary to write a post about Operational Security because he is aware of the experience of Captain Matthew Gallagher. The US Army Officer wrote Kaboom: A Soldier’s War Journal, an Iraq war blog which was ostensibly closed down by Gallagher’s superiors because he did not follow the ‘normal vetting channels’ for blog posts.