Frontline at Sheffield Doc/Fest – Call for projects


Next Wednesday Sheffield Doc/Fest 2010 begins and this year’s programme is outstanding. We’re really proud to be attending and I wanted to let you know the variety of things Frontline is involved in at the festival.

For the last year we’ve been running, with the Channel 4 BritDoc Foundation, the very successful Documentary Matchmaking event at the club and we’re now taking it with us to Sheffield. The aim of this event is to pair exciting new projects with people that can help get them off the ground, or fill in the missing piece to progress the project further. We invite a number of producers, editors, composers, cinematographers etc to come and view the selected projects and hopefully match projects with people who’d like to be involved.

We have now begun taking projects for the Matchmaking party at Sheffield so if you would like to present yours please do email me here asap.

Event details – Friday 5th November – 20:00-21:00 : Matchmaking Hour at the BritDoc Bar

C4 BRITDOC Foundation and Frontline Club brings together Directors, Producers and Editors.

We are also producing two panels this year and details of those are below.

Really hope to see you there!

Exposing the Truth – Investigative Journalism in Documentary

Venue – Site 1
Thursday 4th November 11am

Moderator: Alan Hayling

Panel: Kevin Toolis, David Henshaw, David Bond, Franny Armstrong

With newspapers cutting back on investigative journalism departments, are documentaries picking up the slack? Do filmmakers receive the same legal protection as the print media and does the medium have the same impact when exposing stories? We will be discussing the power of investigative filmmaking and its challenges and triumphs.

Don’t Shoot I’m a Filmmaker

Venue – Town Hall Reception Rooms
Saturday 6th November 2.30pm

Moderator: Kevin Sutcliffe

Panel: Tim Hetherington, Laura Poitras, Havana Marking, James Brabazon, Jezza Neumann

For most filmmakers there are some stories too dangerous to consider, but there are a select few prepared to put their lives at risk to show us the truth. We will be looking at how to approach a story that takes place in a country or situation usually considered out of bounds. Discussing this area of storytelling are a group of filmmakers with varied shared experience to give an insight into the riskier side of filmmaking.