Freedom for South Ossetia

South Ossetia wants to break free, she’s wanted to break from the shackles of Georgia ever since the Soviet Empire imploded and well… we all know the rest, don’t we? The wannabe South Ossetians have declared an Independence day and it sounds like an awful lorra fun,

The parade made its way noisily down Stalin Street, led by men on horseback in traditional warrior costumes, waving South Ossetian and Russian flags.
They were followed by South Ossetian soldiers in combat uniforms and a troupe of ageing Russian Cossacks. A show of strength – or at least that’s how it looked at first.
But then things started to get a little strange. A group of young nurses tottered past on high heels, wearing white coats and garish make-up, followed by a procession of farmers on tractors, bakers holding loaves of bread, small children driving go-karts, and most bizarrely of all, a little truck carrying a table, on which a dead turkey was proudly displayed. link

Meanwhile enjoy the patriotic stirrings of the 15th Anniversary celebration video above. Marvellous.