Footage from Pakistan plane crash site posted to YouTube

Earlier today a plane crashed in Pakistan killing all 152 people that were on board. The Airblue aircraft came down in hills north of the capital, Islamabad.

Footage from the scene of the aftermath was posted to YouTube and highlighted by the CitizenTube blog.

In June, CitizenTube said it would increase its focus on finding and collating videos of news events. Reflecting on this change of emphasis, Kevin Marsh at the BBC College of Journalism, noted, now rather eerily it seems, that Citizen Tube:

"will have to show users – who will, presumably, include news organisations – that its ‘non-traditional sources’ extend beyond the metropolitan, rich, northern hemisphere – and that an air crash in Bangladesh will be there, and findable, as assuredly as one in the Hudson".

Sadly, this incident demonstrates that it is capable of finding such videos.