Fish and Chips in Africa 3

So after four years I’ve developed two ways to be on the road in Africa. One is to do the humble visitor, delight in burnt goat and thank my lucky stars that I’m seeing a bit of the continent that other people don’t normally get to see. It’s usually fun. And sometimes I have an upset stomach. Then there are times when I stay in $251 a night hotels and I expect – you know – luxuries like hot water and edible food.
All of which brings me to the Kigali Serena’s fish and chips. Completely tasteless until I added tartare sauce…. suddenly they tasted of mayonnaise and small bits of pickled things.
(Incidentally, place is full of wiry men with earpieces and dressed in M&S leisurewear – clearly marking them out as British police. Is Tony Blair here doing his thing with Paul Kagame?)
VERDICT: plumbing the depths