Digital Media and Reporting Conflict: The book and the end of Reporting War

I took most pleasure from knowing that other people found my work useful and that it contributed in a small way to public understanding of the changing nature of reporting war and terrorism.

Achievements come at a cost and over the last couple of years in particular I invested a lot of myself, my time, my financial and physical resources into seeing the book through.

I also spent a lot of time banging at academic doors that I found were closed to me or only open if I was willing to work for free which I sustained for far longer than I should have done.

In hindsight, all this effort was too much and I really burnt myself – not giving up is a great strength and a terrible weakness. I think it’s a sacrifice I am only willing to make again in a different context.

A wise man once said that you have to give up your life in order to save it. And it’s time to leave a road which had become intolerably tough and start something new.

I’m not entirely sure what that looks like yet but I have long been involved in Christian ministry and I’m pretty sure it involves achieving a lot less and loving other people a lot more. In the meantime, I need to rest, heal and rebuild my strength.

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