Digital Bootcamp


Digital Bootcamp is a master class designed to help you and your film navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Shooting People’s James Mullighan will guide you through a series of case studies and practical examples (with a focus on documentaries) to help you get up to speed with many of the digital tools now available to storytellers. This seminar will cover two main areas:

1. Digital Frontiers – Why is all this important? What’s new – in funding, crowd-sourcing, production, marketing, audience-engagement and distribution.

2. Digital Strategy – How to design a website and social media campaign for your film. How social media and technology can help you, and how you can help yourself, stay on top of new developments and opportunities.

3. Crowdsourcing is a big buzzword at the moment. We’ll look at some examples of crowdsourced projects and talk about the difference between crowdfunding (through sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo) and crowdsourcing production (like Amazon Studios are doing for example). Crowdsourcing production can bring up a range of issues and problems so we will talk about both the good and the bad aspects of this approach. Crowdfunding is proving to be perhaps the most exciting development for filmmakers and we will look at what makes a good crowdfunding campaign, from the fundraising trailer to the length of time, the amount you are seeking to raise and your social media strategy to solicit donations. We’ll show case studies of good campaigns and talk about what made them work so well. Finally, we will outline how to make your crowdfunding campaign fit into the wider web campaign for your film.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about social media and all things digital then Digital Bootcamp will show you how to create a manageable strategy and use available tools to get your films made and seen. You will learn how to reach and engage audiences in new and exciting ways. And you will learn how to measure the impact of your endeavors.

Course length: 3pm-6pm
Fees: £50 corporate rate
£30 Freelance, Shooting People members, LSFF ticketholders

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