Death-Threat E-mail from an Islamic Extremist



Ever wondered what an Islamic extremist’s death threat to an "infidel" might look like? Now you can know.

Two weeks ago, Somali journalist Ahmed Omar Hashi, aka Ahmed "Tajir," pictured, survived an assassination attempt, by extremists, that killed his colleague Moqtar Hirabe. Readers donated funds to help Hashi escape to another country. But his assailants figured out where he was, and sent him this email, translated from Somali:

The opponents of the truth don’t succeed, and wherever they go, we will vanquish them.

You, Tajir, the Satan, we know you are in [country redacted — ed.] [and that you were] taken there by the infidels, with whom you were in mutual compassion.

Since you managed to dodge our bullets, we will, Allah willing, decapitate you, and soon you will end up in our hand.

We are fully aware of the propaganda you are spreading and we know who is cooperating with you. You have to know that neither Christians nor Muslims will be able to save you.

We’re still accepting donations on Hashi’s behalf, via this Website.

(Photo: via Ahmed Omar Hashi)