David Axe heading to Chad

Frontline blogger David Axe is heading to Chad and Sudan tomorrow. He’ll be blogging when he can. He’ll also be the second Frontline blogger to experiment with the mobile phone live streaming video tool called Qik. Kyle is already a big fan, but David will see how (and if) the service works in the field. You can follow David’s blog here and here’s his Qik channel. Meanwhile, there’s an interview with David in the Globe & Mail today about his efforts to raise funds for his freelance war reporting and how he left the day job,

It was only when he decided that he’d visit Somalia, generally considered one of the most dangerous places on the planet, that his bosses pulled the plug and ordered him home. He quit his job and went anyway, on his own.
“It was financial and emotional suicide,” he recalls. “It was a bad, bad idea.”
He lost thousands, but emerged with life and limb. link