Cyberwar, blogging and other Russo-Georgia War links

I’ve just got back from an all too brief holiday and this morning I’ve been collecting some stuff on the conflict between Russian and Georgian forces in South Ossetia and beyond.
1. While most of the attention has rightly been on the physical war that has been costing Russian and Georgian lives, Wired has nevertheless put up an interesting post about the war in cyberspace:

‘, the Georgian news site, is “under permanent [cyber] attack.” So they’ve switched their operations to one of Google’s Blogspot domains, to keep the information flowing about what’s going on in their country.’

The Civil.Ge site appears to have set up a blog here and a Ministry of Foreign Affairs blog has also been started.
Wired claims the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website is now being hosted by Estonia, a country which has plenty of experience in this new form of conflict.
2. I feel like I should give a mention to my Frontline colleague who has a great post on translating cyrillic so you can try to track what is happening using social media sites.
3. BBC producer Chris Vallance wrote a couple of blogs posts – one picking up on the theme above, and another with links to Global Voices’ coverage and a few other sites.
4. BBC monitoring put together some interesting snippets from the press in Georgia and Russia here.
5. Two journalists have already died in the conflict and the BBC’s Gavin Hewitt claims his crew was fired on by a Russian jet: