Crowdsourcing at the Club

The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade will be posing questions to Robert Thomson, Editor of The Times, at the Frontline Club tonight and, in a very Web2.0, crowd sourcing, wisdom of the oiks manner, he’s looking for your questions. Some questions already coming in,

Do you think think that Rupert Murdoch’s influence over the news media should be increased or decreased? Second question: How much does News International save by its tax avoidance scemes? In tabloidspeak: How many police officers, schools, or hospital beds is it? What would it work out per year per Times reader for instance? Third Do you think we’ll ever see a newspaper again of the quality of the pre-Murdoch Harry Evans Sunday Times? link

And here’s a clip from the Q&A at the club – which at the time of going to blog – is one of the most watched videos on YouTube. 8,136 views (so far) in little over a day.