Insight with the editor of The Times Robert Thomson

Talk 7 November 2007

Editor of the Times and favourite to become the new editor of the Wall Street Journal, Robert Thomson, talks to Roy Greenslade about the media, news and journalism. 

Robert Thomson, who was born in Australia,  became the editor of The Times in 2002 after 17 years at The Financial Times.

Since then the newspaper has changed format, from broadsheet to ‘compact’ to attract younger audiences. 

Under his leadership the newspaper has also started paying more attention to world politics, business and finance and sport. 

As part of the Frontline Editors Roundtable series.

Moderated by Prof. Roy Greenslade – one of Britain’s foremost media teachers. Greenslade is a leading commentator and columnist on the media, and currently writes for the London Evening Standard and blogs for The Guardian. As a journalist he rose to the highest levels of management in a career taking in The Sun, the Sunday Times, and the editorship of the Daily Mirror.