Crilly’s Cool Ones

So my brief guide to African beers appeared in The Times this morning. Crilly’s cool ones…

St George: Rich and fruity, packed with hoppy flavour; a fitting taste for a beer that is named after the patron saint of England — and Ethiopia 9/10
Castle: South African beer exported all over the continent. The closest thing to a European lager 7/10
Sorghum beer: Brewed anywhere sorghum grows — that is, everywhere in Africa. Thick and foul and cloudy. Served at room temperature 1/10
Tusker: The pride of Kenya is sadly watery and sour. Best drunk chilled to point where it tastes of nothing 2/10
Senator: Cheap and strong. The choice of Kenyan slum dwellers who don’t want to go blind drinking moonshine 5/10

Sadly there was no room for Club, Nile Special, Mosi, Sierra and a host of other beers that I have been forced to drink in areas with dubious water quality. What’s your favourite?