Conpiracy surrounds Saipov

Journalist Alisher Saipov working in southern Kyrgyzstan was gunned down on the evening of October 24th. The Institute for War and Peace reporting has more details and discussion,

Saipov, 26, was killed by three gunshots on the evening of October 24 in the centre of Osh, the major city in the south of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan, where the political climate is more liberal than its neighbours, has been left in shock by the deliberate targeting of a high-profile journalist. No arrests have been made, but many commentators believe Saipov was eliminated because of his critical reporting on the regime in Uzbekistan. He worked with, a major Russian-language website covering Central Asia, as well as with Radio Liberty and Voice of America. Earlier this year, he founded an Uzbek-language newspaper Siyosat (Politics) that covered events in Uzbekistan as well as his native Kyrgyzstan. link

The debate over the circumstances of Saipov’s death are discussed over at NewEurasia,

There were many ideas given about the possible reasons for murder and who may stand behind the crime. Almost all independent internet sites unanimously put forward the idea that Uzbek secret services could play a significant role in the murder, since Alisher Saipov used to be a severe critic of the current regime in Uzbekistan. However, the state authorities have completely different view on the matter. link