Coffee on the Frontline

May 25, 2009



Just returning from five days with rebels of the Justice and Equality Movement in Darfur. The trip was a chance to get under their skin and explore their programme for a chapter of my book (Saving Darfur: Everyone’s Favourite African War). I’ll be posting more about the trip in the days to come but in the meantime just a quick one to say that my Peet’s Coffee press mug thing has been performing well in the field.

Its outside shell has cracked from what might best be described as "heavy" driving but it is still producing great coffee that stays hot for a couple of hours (although in 45C temperatures a paper cup might perform just as well). The only thing was that after a couple of days I realised I actually preferred drinking thimble-cups of outrageously sweet tea.

And the turban? Absolutely essential in the dust and heat, ahem.


5 thoughts on “Coffee on the Frontline”

  1. Brendan says:

    Wow. Really looking forward to hearing more, Rob.

  2. Graham Holliday says:

    45C is decidely chilly compared to where I am at the moment
    Thank goodness for wall to sand to sea aircon. I do not envy you one little bit.

  3. Mark Larkin says:

    ‘Your book’? First I’ve heard of it. Will it be in the shops for Christmas? If so, I’ll be in the market for two signed copies, for two of my brothers (one of whom you know).

  4. Mark Larkin says:

    I’ve heard (and like to think I’ve practiced) ‘heavy drinking’, but never ‘heavy driving’. I hope you’re the man to take the two to the obvious next step…

  5. Rob Crilly says:

    Well, let’s just say that if anyone ever offers to drive you through Eastern Chad, past the bombed-out tanks of government forces and in out of bandit towns, then do the sensible thing and wait 48hr for the UN flight. And my book, Saving Darfur, will be in all good bookshops before Christmas.

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