FULLY BOOKED: Coding for Journalists Saturday Course – WordPress


This one day course will look in-depth at WordPress as a tool for journalists. The course will cover setting up WordPress in different ways, creating and adapting design elements and integrating plugins and elements to create a site.

What We Will Cover:

* The difference between WordPress.com and Installing your own: What you can/can’t do.

* Installing WordPress: What you need and how to get it running on your own server.

* How the templates work: We will examine the templates in wordpress, how to change them, look at available themes and how to write your own.

* Plugins: What are the key plugins you should get running with your install.

* Maintaining: How to upgrade, backup, restore and generally run wordpress.

At the end of the day you will have worked through the key steps in installing, configuring and starting a wordpress install. You will be comfortable knowing how the templates work together to publish content. You will be able to install, maintain and configure plugins and also generally maintain a full wordpress install.

Notes and checklists will be provided. If you have your own laptop you will have a fully installed version to experiment with / develop with.

We will be targeting a Mac/Unix based platform, if you work with Windows please let us know before the day.

The course will also explore the various online media tools most useful to journalism and the best methods to implement and adapt them to your requirements.

The course will be taught by Mark Simpkins.

Mark Simpkins has worked online for the last 15 years, he has been a technical project manager at the BBC from 2001 until last year. He is currently Creative Technologist for Spring Digital. He has worked for AKQA, Accenture and Moonfruit and has been involved in MySociety and related projects. He blogs over at http://www.geekyoto.com/

Full Price £150/ Freelance rate £100
Saturday 20th August
10am – 6pm

For any enquiries please email [email protected]