South and Central Asia

Thursday 31st January, 2008

Media Talk: Pakistan on the Brink – FULLY BOOKED

With the murder of Benazir Bhutto and national elections due in February, the future of Pakistan is once again in the spotlight.

9th January, 2008

Media Talk: Uzbekistan – repression and lack of democracy in Central Asia- FULLY BOOKED

Following the murder of outspoken Uzbek journalist Alisher Saipov, we look at this Central Asian country which has won notoriety for its human rights abuses and repression.

22 November 2007

Media Talk: Burma’s bloody crackdown and uncertain future

This year’s protests in Burma were witnessed by millions around the world thanks to internet and mobile phone technology, but was it enough to change the regime?

Thursday 20th September, 2007

Media Talk: Pakistan Votes

Elections in Pakistan are due in October and Pervez Musharraf’s position is looking fragile, but he is not ready to give in.

Friday 13th July, 2007

Insight with Benazir Bhutto: Pakistan on the Brink

Former prime minister of Pakistan and head of the Pakistan People’s Party talks about the future of her country – one of the West’s key allies in the "war on terror".

Tuesday 19th June, 2007

In the picture with Declan Walsh – Multimedia journalism and the ongoing unrest in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Declan Walsh speaks about the pitfalls and merits of multimedia journalism,
war in Afghanistan, and Pakistan’s ongoing civil unrest.

Thursday 1st March, 2007

Insight with Zahid Hussain: Pakistan’s struggle with militant Islam

The Pakistan correspondent for The Times, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal, Zahid Hussain, talks to Kirsty Lang about America’s key ally in the global "war on terror". But whose side is Pakistan really on?