Media Talk: Uzbekistan – repression and lack of democracy in Central Asia- FULLY BOOKED

Talk 9th January, 2008

Following the murder of outspoken Uzbek journalist Alisher Saipov, we look at this Central Asian country which has won notoriety for its human rights abuses and repression.

Saipov, editor of the only remaining publication critical of his government, was shot dead recently in the Kyrgyz city of Osh near the border with Uzbekistan.

Saipov’s newspaper was investigating the infamous Andijan massacre of 2005 and the kidnapping of Uzbeks from refugee camps allegedly organised by the president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.

Uzbekistan’s lack of democracy, repression and human rights abuses have stood out for many years. Yet only recently the European Union suspended sanctions against the country.

Craig Murray – Former British Ambassador in Uzbelistan, author of Murder in Samarkand – A British Ambassador’s Controversial Defiance of Tyranny in the War on Terror.

Natalia Antelava – BBC Central Asia Correspondent.

Shahida Tulaganova – Uzbek journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Michael Andersen – filmmaker and journalist who has made a number of documentaries about Uzbekistan, including Andijan, a massacre foretold.

Moderated by James Nixey – Manager, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House.