Cinematography Saturday course


This one day course will look at the methods to create the best cinematography for factual filming. You will learn a diverse range of considerations and techniques to improve the visual quality of your work. The course is divided into theory and practical learning to understand the concepts behind creating stunning footage through the understanding of cinematography theory and practice.


Cinematography theory
Composition and framing
Focus, field of view and depth of field
Rule of thirds and the Golden Rule
Shooting techniques in controlled and uncontrolled environments


Practical demonstration
Film grammar
Creating cutaways, sequences and narrative framing
Setting up a variety of shots
Moving with the camera
Utlising natural and available lighting.

Saturday 13th August, 10am-5pm

Course Leader:

Mike Dodds has shot over 200 documentaries for the late current affairs series ‘World in Action’, ITN’s ‘This Week’, and documentaries for CBS, ABC and NBC. His media awards include: Royal Television Society (twice) and an Emmy in the US