Chit Chat

A few thoughts on some things I’ve done of late. First, I found a great new Lithuanian supermarket that I stumbled upon on Saturday, had a superb selection of cured smoked sausages. So, of course I had to indulge myself in the name of research… Findings: they surely know how to make a quality sausage product.

Also took the kids to the theatre to see The Snowman and ate at Pizza Express. I had the Theodore Randal range – the brown shrimp and grated courgette one, served on a wooden slate, whole, with a touch of chiili oil on the side. I have to say good job, some clever director of Pizza Express is moving with food trends set by top chefs and getting the restaurants to do some quality recipes! Take note Pizza Hut (which hopefully will be swallowed up with the credit crunch).

Just finished reading an article on how Tom Aitkens managed to get his sorry, puny arse out of the receivership hole that he got into while getting too big for his little boots too quickly and leaving some fantastic suppliers seriously out of pocket. Hopefully the rest of the suppliers will not deal with the company again…