Thought I’d start on the recipes, and will be adding them regularly so keep checking for new additions. First, one of my favourites – nice and easy, great when you’re short of time and have guests coming over.

Lime cheesecake

200g cream cheese
200g crème fraîche
90g sugar
4 limes for juice and zest
400g cream (to be whipped)
2 gelatine leaves
10 g honey
75g butter
250g biscuits (digestives)
1. Beat together cream cheese, crème fraîche and sugar
2. Melt gelatine in warm lime juice
3. Whip cream
4. Add lime juice and zest into cheese mix
5. Finally, fold in whipped cream
Easy. Right? Now, the base is even simpler.
1. Melt butter
2. Crumble biscuits up
3. Mix butter, biscuits and honey together
(You can use a food processor to make this EVEN faster)
All is left to do now is put the two together and cheesecake’s ready. No fuss and hassle with baking. Just leave in the fridge until it sets. Decorate with whatever your imagination gives you. I like to serve mine with orange and mint salad, as you may know from the restaurant, but possibilities are endless.