Cartoon pokes fun at Subcomandante Marcos’ signature ski mask

Subcomandante Marcos, the Zapatista rebel leader, at a press conference, Mexico City, October 1st 2007

Subcomandante Marcos, Mexico’s masked rebel figure who was one of the frontmen of the short-lived Zapatista uprising in the Mexican state of Chiapas in 1994, is famous for always wearing a black ski mask.


The aim of the mask, allegedly, was anonymity, and an expression of the principle that "todos somos Marcos" — which translates as "we’re all Marcos." But if it was anonymity he was after, the use of the mask has achieved quite the opposite effect, turning Marcos into a rebel icon for many, at home and abroad.


But the Mexican newspaper La Jornada today takes a poke at the jungle-dwelling rebel leader in the context of a nation trying to returning to normal after a H1N1, or swine flu, outbreak that created a near shutdown in Mexico City, with restaurants and businesses closed for days and schools shut across the nation.

The newspaper cartoon features a drawing of Sub Marcos saying: "I foresaw this a long time ago, that all of Mexico was going to use facemasks."

— Deborah Bonello in Mexico City for la Plaza


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Image: Marcos at a press conference in Mexico City, in 2007. Credit: Deborah Bonello / Click here for more images of Marcos.