Burma cuts the net

But, The Irrawaddy continues to get information out from sources on the ground (I’ve added relevant links)

Rangoon; Afternoon—Trucks loaded with troops raided the offices of Burma’s main Internet service provider, Myanmar Info-Tech, located at Rangoon University (Hlaing campus) around noon on Friday in an effort to cut all public access to the internet. The move is in response to the flood of photographs, videos, news reports and e-mail sent out of the country to the international media and the rest of the world by average citizens.
Downtown Rangoon; Afternoon—At least two people were hit by gunfire when military troops opened fire on demonstrators on Friday afternoon in Kyauktada Township in central Rangoon, according to a witness, who said she narrowly escaped by hiding under a vehicle. She said the demonstrators were boxed in between Anawrahta Road and Maha Bandoola Road. Dozens of protesters were arrested, bound and beaten. The troops pursued fleeing people into buildings, she said, singling out people with cameras. If they were arrested, the troops beat them while shouting, “Is it you who sends those pictures out?”
Rangoon, 12:30p.m.—Burmese authorities announced they are to make house-by-house calls on homes in the area round the Sule Pagoda in downtown Rangoon, checking on residents. The Sule Pagoda is a rallying point of the demonstrations rocking Rangoon, and many protesters seek shelter in nearby homes. Residents were warned by loudspeaker on Friday morning to remain at home while the check takes place. link