Breaking Burma

nargis77_g, originally uploaded by TZA.
When Cyclone Nargis hit Burma on May 2 the BBC managed to get a succession of journalists into the country despite a ban on the broadcasting corporation from entering the country. The BBC World Service talk to the journalists who made it into the country and asks them how they did it,

Most of them had to arrive in Burma secretly, pretending to be tourists, and report undercover while they were there as the BBC is banned by the Burmese military government. Hear the story of the cyclone unfold, told by those who witnessed it first hand. link NB: the audio link may well disappear soon, so listen now – it’s worth it 🙂

It’s a fascinating insight into the story behind the story. However, one wonders whether being somewhat open about their methods the BBC might not make the Burmese authorities even more suspicious than they already are of journalists posing as foreign visitors.