A Good Day for the Pirates

Pirates with the MV Faina (US Navy pic)

It looks like The Faina, hijacked by Somali pirates in September with 33 Russian tanks destined for South Sudan, is finally being freed for a record $3.2-3.5m ransom. No definitive confirmation from the Yanks who have been keeping a close eye on the ship. Lt Nathan Christensen said: "We have all indications that the ransom was paid yesterday regarding the Faina. Our ships continue to remain on station." But the AP is reporting that pirates have begun disembarking from the Faina.

Fourteen gunmen and the pirates’ commander disembarked from the MV Faina, which has been held by the pirates for five months, said Aden Abdi Omar, one of those who left the ship. Omar spoke to The Associated Press by satellite phone from the central Somali coastal town of Harardhere, not too far from where the MV Faina is anchored.

I’m told to expect "televisuals" of ransom being dropped by parachute. And may post tomorrow on what a total nightmare it is to write a story based on an interview with someone who speaks no English via a satellite phone, that may or may not be on a ship in (or perhaps nowhere near) Somali waters, or may or may not be in a Somali fishing harbour/pirate haunt.