A day in the life of a Burmese journalist

Aye Chan Myate, who was until recently a senior editor with a weekly journal in Rangoon, writes in The Irrawaddy what it’s like to be a working journalist in Rangoon. Doesn’t sound a whole lot of fun,

In our newsroom, only the management desk and the copy-typists worked with computers. We reporters and editors had to write our stories by hand. They were then edited and passed on to the typists. The printouts were given back to us to be checked for spelling. Frequent power cuts interrupted the work routine. We had our own generator, but it sat outside our office and when it was running the heat and noise were unbearable.
There were about 25 reporters in the editorial department. My colleagues looked pale and skinny—not surprising, since they had to exist on salaries of around US $40 a month. I love my profession, but I hated that office. I enjoy writing news stories, but I hated the censorship board, which checked our stories and instructed us every week to publish government propaganda. link