12 O’Clock Boys: An Insight into Baltimore

With unfettered access, Nathan follows a young boy named Pug through his transient teenage years as he seeks to become a member of a notorious dirt bike pack. The 12’Clock Boys are named as such, as Pug explains, because they ride their bikes upright like the hands on a clock.

The group skilfully ride through the streets of Baltimore in large packs, pulling dangerous and high speed stunts. They are in constant conflict with the police, who struggle with a policy of not chasing bikers because of the risk that doing so poses to the public.

The dirt bike culture gives the film’s young protagonist something to aspire towards – an identity, status and a tangible yet temporary escape from poverty. Nathan makes no attempt to explain, justify or judge what he sees. He allows Pug and the other protagonist articulate their own thoughts.

Without commentary, Nathan offers up an insight into the challenges of life in inner city Baltimore and allows the audience to draw their own conclusions. .