WRL: Twitter and the Global Media Forum

A few war reporting links to keep you moderately entertained while I put together a hopefully more enlightening post. (I was hoping to have it for today, but there’s been a slight delay.)

1. Hello, Twitter: Goodbye, McKiernan. The US military has launched an Afghanistan Twitter feed. Just recently the feed has been providing updates from General McKiernan’s farewell address. (I am wondering if ‘organisation launches Twitter feed’ is a story these days. I’m slightly bored with it, even if it was only the other day, or maybe because it was only the other day, that I did exactly the same thing.)

2. I’d rather be at the Global Media Forum, but despite a great late offer, I really don’t have the means to be there. I’m missing out on all sorts of panels about conflict prevention in the multimedia age. It should be worth checking out the reaction and comment over the next couple of days. There’s a hashtag to follow, if you want to keep on top of things.

3. One of the panels at GMF will include a discussion of War 2.0, a new book by Thomas Rid and Marc Hecker. A similar exercise has already taken place in the States and it sounds like one for the reading list.