World week ahead: Bernanke London-bound, Cypriot banks re-open and Pope goes to jail

Tuesday 26 March

On Tuesday, Cypriot banks are scheduled to open for the first time since March 15.

Also, South African President Jacob Zuma will host his counterparts from Russia, India, China and Brazil for a two-day summit in Durban.

In Doha, heads of state and government will convene for the annual League of Arab States summit, which also runs until Wednesday.

Lastly, in the United States the Supreme Court will take up the contentious issue of same-sex marriage, when it hears arguments in a case relating to California’s Prop 8. On Wednesday, the nine justices will hear arguments in a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act.

Wednesday 27 March

International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
On Wednesday, in The Hague, the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia will hand down its judgment in the cases of Mico Stanisic and Stojan Zupljanin, who are accused of crimes committed against non-Serb civilians in Bosnia and Herzegovina between April and December 1992.

The UN Security Council, meanwhile, is scheduled to discuss Mali.

Finally, a review into the ability of US military commanders to overturn convictions of servicemen is due to be handed to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. It follows criticism when this was used recently to overturn the conviction of an Air Force serviceman who had been found guilty in Italy of sexual assault.

Thursday 28 March

On Thursday, the latest mission to the International Space Station is due to launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

In the United States, President Barack Obama is scheduled to host several African leaders for talks at the White House.

Finally, newly-inaugurated Pope Francis is scheduled to hold a Holy Thursday mass at a juvenile prison in Rome.

Friday 29 March

Friday is the deadline for Argentina to present a US court with its plan on how and when it will repay holders of its defaulted-debt. The group, led by NML Capital, has been suing the Argentine government in US courts for $1.3bn in outstanding debt.

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