Workshop: Video Compression

Workshop Saturday 11 May 2013, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Digital Bootcamp Frontline Club

Confused by codecs, formats, frame sizes and frame rates? Can’t figure out your data rate from your data size?

The Frontline Club’s Video Compression workshop will show you how to compress video, organise workflows and perform batch-encodes; and create podcasts, mobile and web video, email movies, DVD files and more.

The workshop’s goal is to empower participants to understand what video is made up of and how to handle any digital file no matter where it has come from or where it needs to go.

Handouts and course materials will be provided as well as post course reference movies and email consultation.

MAC confidence builder
Navigating around a MAC, using finder, Mighty Mice, spotlight, system preferences and Disk utility.

Video overview
Identifying your video’s attributes
Formats / codecs / frame sizes / fps / data rates / Progressive / Interlaced
The importance_of_naming.conventions.
– MOVs
– WMVs
– FLVs
– DVDs

Compressor Overview
Batch Lists
Add timecode / filters

MpegStreamclip Overview
Batch Lists
Ripping DVD/web content for your edit
Good safari tip (Alt_Command-A)

Audio formats
Sample rates

Recording guide audio on your MAC

Stills Formats
FTP and FTP Replacement

Software covered
Apple’s Compressor, Quicktime Pro 7 and Mpegstreamclip.

Please bring your own laptop and software for this workshop. Although this is optional we recommend it in order to make the most of the day.

The Frontline Club will provide media with which to practice compression.

To follow the entire day’s workshop on your own MAC, please ensure you have the following software installed:

Compressor 4 (£34.99) can be purchased here 

Mpegstreamclip can be downloaded for free here 

Quicktime pro 7 (£20) can be purchased here 

Trainer: Simon Ruben

Simon is an award winning freelance editor and video trainer with over eight years of broadcast experience across a range of genres.

He has designed and delivered popular courses for the Frontline Club since 2007 including Final Cut Pro, Compressor, DVDSP and Motion. He has also tailored courses for, Save The Children, Accenture, Medecins Sans Frontiers, LV, Soho Editors and the NUJ.